Prospective Chief Executive Officers

Serving our Chief Executive Officers
We serve our chief executive officers by providing them with the resources they need in order to produce significant organic growth.

Resources provided by PGC:
  • Experienced board members
  • HR consulting
  • Insurance resources
  • Sales consultants
  • Strategic consultants
  • Industrial psychologists
  • Banking relationships
  • Add-on M&A resources
  • Search Firms
  • Budgeting resources
  • Financial monitoring resources

Working with a Chief Executive Officer
Typically, there are three scenarios in which we work with chief executive officers:
  • You are currently running a business and can use a partner.
    On several occasions we have partnered with CEOs to provide them with the capital and resources needed to grow their businesses.
  • You have identified a business to purchase.
    In the past we have partnered with former CEOs who have identified an attractive business to buy, usually in an industry in which the CEO has worked in the past.
  • You would like to partner with us to find a business to buy and run.
    Though you may not have an existing business or a potential opportunity, yet you are eager to “get back in the saddle” and buy a business, PGC would be interested in being your partner.